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Some thoughts from Doug: Evolution isn’t perfect

Some thoughts from Doug: Evolution isn’t perfect


If our bits and pieces work well enough to survive long enough to produce another generation evolution will tend to keep them. The appendix, tonsils, thin skin, low backs, necks, shoulders, balance, anxiety, autoimmunity and quite a few others…

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How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment

How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment.

The media including newspapers, current affair shows and the news, employ smart phones as a tool for the viewer to send in updates of incidents, accidents, traffic reports and weather (the list goes on and on). However, did you stop and th…

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The Medicinal Properties of Ginger

This member of the Zingiberaceae family originated in Southeast Asia.  Ginger grows best in tropical and sub tropical areas, which have good rainfall with hot and humid conditions during the summer season.   It can be found in the wild in many islands of the Caribbean, where it flourishes spo…

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Protecting your back twenty-four hours a day is your best
insurance against back injury.  Remember– you are the only one who is around to do it!

Many back injuries result from improper lifting and material handling.  According to the principles of
biomechanics, the worst lifting situation occur…

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Is it possible to ‘slip a disc’?

Here at City Centre Chiropractic in Brisbane, if we had a dollar for every time someone said they had "slipped a disc" we would be rich; however the anatomy tells us differently.

Discs are small pads of cartilage with a pulpy center positioned between each vertebra, that act as shock absorbers …

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The Importance of Good Posture.

Advantages of good posture


  1. Permits mechanically efficient function of joints. This means minimum wear and tear and less chance of osteo (degenerative) arthritis.


  1. Allows organs to function properly. Especially your nerve system (it controls all other systems of your body), respiratory (breat…

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