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How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment

How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment.

The media including newspapers, current affair shows and the news, employ smart phones as a tool for the viewer to send in updates of incidents, accidents, traffic reports and weather (the list goes on and on). However, did you stop and think those the same functions of the smart phones, may benefit your chiropractic care and other medical treatments.   Perhaps the most obvious is to dial 000 or 112 in an emergency, but there are many “apps” that can help you with your health care including heart rate monitors, Medscape, symptom checkers, local health listings, weight trackers, calorie counters, pregnancy “apps” and thousands more.

However, did you know, that one of the most popular “apps”, is Evernote, those of you who use it as an organizer or note taker may not be aware of it original purpose. Inventor Phil Libin originally developed Evernote as a simpler way of keeping track of his gym exercises. Having to already bring keys, wallet and phone he designed the “app” for his phone to use as a digital archive.  Evernote allows text, photo, video or audio notes, and syncs with your other electronic devices and diaries.

These “apps” allow you to carry your important health information around with you in your pocket, should they ever be required when least expected. Using any number of “apps” you could make a note of your current medications, any allergies, emergency contacts and important numbers like Medicare or health, car or home insurance, policies.

We have also had patients of this clinic, use video functions to film themselves doing specific exercises or tasks so that Ailsa, Doug or Murray can provide ergonomic tips, and have adequate information to provide an accurate diagnosis and prognosis.  With intelligent use of the functions of your smart phone it is almost like having a health care provider by your side 24/7.  Clever isn’t it!? We thought so.

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