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Ditch the Equipment

Ditch the Equipment

Many people these days want to swing around a kettle ball, slam a medicine ball and flip tyres for a workout, yet they often can’t do 10 push ups to save themselves. If you cannot control your own body weight, what makes you thin you should ass extra external load?

Take a loo…

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Staying up to date by reading 900 Jounrals


Medical research is producing such a barrage of information that some doctors would need to read 900 different journals a year to stay up to date, a study finds. The analysis by Queensland academics has borne out many doctors' suspicions: that research is now published in so many different jour…

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Counting Calories in Coffee


Counting calories in Coffee     

 Drinking milk seems to be one of the most natural things in the world, being the first thing we actively do as babies. Whilst drinking milk wards off osteoporosis, have you ever considered counting the calories in your two-a-day lattes? While we are not …

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Shoud lack of Exercise be Considered a Medical Condition



Should Lack Of Exercise Be Considered A Medical Condition?


"You've got a bad case of deconditioning," the doctor says. Actually, it would be the rare doctor who would say that to anyone. And though it might sound like something to do with hair, in fact, deconditioning is a familiar and …

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Back Pain - Did you know?

"It is probably no exaggeration to say that the chiropractic profession exists today, and has grown to such strength and numbers, because of its very successful management of patients with back pain.

Surveys and studies consistently show that the majority of chiropractic patients have back pain, ab…

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How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment

How your Smart phone benefits your Chiropractic treatment.

The media including newspapers, current affair shows and the news, employ smart phones as a tool for the viewer to send in updates of incidents, accidents, traffic reports and weather (the list goes on and on). However, did you stop and th…

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Am I addicted to Chiropractic?

We’ve all heard the cliché that once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life. Fearing that they’ll get “addicted” to adjustments or become dependent upon them has stopped many people from benefiting from chiropractic. But it all depends upon what you want.


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