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Ailsa Patterson


In March 2000 Ailsa Patterson B.Sc M.Chiro, became the owner and principal Chiropractor at the well time-honoured, City Centre Chiropractic, established 1973/4.  Her qualifications include Bachelor of Science from The University of Queensland and a Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney.  To gain broad industry knowledge she has previously worked in clinics in Perth and South East Queensland , before settling in Brisbane City. 

Prior to becoming President of the Queensland Chiropractors' Association of Australia (2002-2005), she served for several years as an Executive member of the Queensland Chiropractors' Association of Australia, (2000  2006) holding the portfolio of Public Education. She was appointed by the Health Minister for a four year term on the Chiropractors Board of Queensland ( 2006-2010), a reflection of her commitment to helping others and to her profession.

During her time with the association she held a general interest in health promotion and the media.  For nine years Ailsa nurtured a relationship with a local television program, Brisbane Extra, on Channel 9, until its final episode aired 2009, regularly appearing to promote healthy spines / lifestyles and chiropractic.  The Public Education Campaign has also seen her contribute to print and radio mediums and other various television shows across the three commercial channels.

One area of focus for Ailsa whilst she was a member of the Registration Board was continuing professional development.  She was heavily involved with the production and execution of seminars, both local and regionally for the Chiropractors Board of Queensland.

Ailsa is currently serving her second term as the Queensland practitioner member on the Chiropractic Board of Australia and enjoys helping to regulate the profession.


Douglas Scown


Unexpectedly in mid-March 2019 we said goodbye to Douglas Scown as he has injured his wrist.  After thirteen years of working together (and twenty in the profession) it was not an easy decision for him to take early retirement from chiropractic.

Ailsa Patterson and Tony Roberts are happy to help any of Doug's patients who still required treatment in the city.

Doug Scown B.Ed B.App.Sci B. Chiro.Sci  has been in clinical practice in Brisbane since 1998 after graduating from RMIT and moving from Melbourne with his family. Areas of interest are general spinal, musculoskeletal, disorders of balance, headache and chronic pain.

His work with Ailsa Patterson began after 2000 when they merged their efforts into City Centre Chiropractic. This meant that they could provide a broader service with extended hours as both their families grew. Since then they’ve also worked with a number of other practitioners, in particular Luka Botic, AKA The Muscle Therapist, as well as being openly collaborative with imaging and other medical specialties and services.
More recently Doug returned part time to teaching, his first profession, and began lecturing in the new chiropractic program at Central Queensland University primarily in the area of critical thinking. He briefly represented the profession at state level executive and is involved with research into education and professionalism issues.