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Emerging research trends on the relationship between sleep and pain

Emerging research trends on the relationship between sleep and pain

The relationship between pain and sleep quality is well reported in the literature. Sleep complaints are present in up to 88% of chronic pain disorders and at least 50% of patients presenting with insomnia also suffer chronic pain.…

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Protecting your back twenty-four hours a day is your best
insurance against back injury.  Remember– you are the only one who is around to do it!

Many back injuries result from improper lifting and material handling.  According to the principles of
biomechanics, the worst lifting situation occur…

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chiropractic and the garden

Given the weather is still so warm and the summer rains are hanging about, it is almost possibly to literally watch the grass grow.  My garden is loving this weather, however it is taking extra effort to keep the lawns under control and the shrubs in check.

Shoulders, necks, low backs and most othe…

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benefits of your adjustment

Patients at City Centre Chiropractic may know the price of their
adjustment but some may never know its worth. 
Because chiropractic treatment stimulates neural pathways there are many
benefits to treatment including:

Relief of pain

Reduction of joint swelling

Relaxation of muscles

Restoration and…

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