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Chronic Pain May Harm the Brain


A new study indicated that chronic pain has a wide spread impact on overall brain function. This finding may offer a possible explanation for many common mental and behavioural problems also seen in chronic pain patients. Using functional magnetic resonance (MRI), investigators at the North-west…

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Protecting your back twenty-four hours a day is your best
insurance against back injury.  Remember– you are the only one who is around to do it!

Many back injuries result from improper lifting and material handling.  According to the principles of
biomechanics, the worst lifting situation occur…

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Can you please 'squeeze' me in?

City Centre Chiropractic  we have a strong commitment to top-quality patient care. Ensuring every patient receives the best care possible takes considerable effort and time. From the moment you first see your chiropractor in the waiting room, they are thinking, are you sitting or standing? As you en…

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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Since Easter is fast appoaching, here at City Centre Chiropractic in Brisbane we thought an article on the benefits of dark chocolate would be useful for all the chocolate lovers and realise that you can Indulge once and a while without guilt. 

There is in fact a growing body of credible scienti…

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At City Centre Chiropractic, when we adjust your spine, we are stimulating a whole bunch of your sensory nerves, which in turn sends information to your brain where it determines an appropriate response - hopefully we can create enough change to make you feel better.  The cells involved in this proc…

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Chiropractic Humour

At City Centre Chiropractic this is one of our favourite cartoons, we only wish we had thought of it.


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10 silly things you do at a doctor’s office

This recent article on CNN is quite valuable for any health provider’s office. Originally, this article was specific to your GPs office however, we at City Centre Chiropractic in Brisbane have adapted it to suit all health providers rooms, perhaps adding to this a number eleven - You should always k…

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