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Skeletal System Pathologies: Common Disorders and Conditions


The skeletal system, which includes bones, ligaments, and cartilage, gives structure to the body. The pathologies described below can occur when stress and aging affect the skeletal system.

1. Sciatica Can Result from Disc Herniation

The lumbar spine bears the weight and stress of the b…

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Chiropractic Australia president Rod Bonello responds to RACGP.

"The RACGP stands accused of an “injustice” against patients after it urged GPs to stop referrals to chiropractors.
On Wednesday, the college said GPs should “seriously reconsider any support for chiropractic involvement” in the care of patients, saying the evidence base for chiropractic was li…

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What is A Subluxation?

What is A Subluxation?

In chiropracticvertebral subluxation is a set of signs and symptoms of the spinal column.

A lesion or dysfunction in a joint or motion segment in which alignment, movement integrity and/or physiological function are altered, although contact between joint surfaces rem…

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What makes Chiropractic Mainstream?

Recently the New South Wales Chiropractic Association Australia branch president, Joe Ierano was asked this question, here is his response: 

“I have been asked this question with some passionate positions that we are not yet mainstream.


Andrew MacNamara, CEO for Chiropractic Australian As…

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Scrapbooking Ergonomics: Scrapspace Organization to Save Your Neck

 As the winter progresses, Here at City Centre Chiropractic we notice people tend to spend more time doing indoor activities. When surfing the internet, we came across a rather interesting piece of trivia: in the US, scrapbooking has surpassed golf in popularity as 1 in 5 households has a golfer wh…

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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Since Easter is fast appoaching, here at City Centre Chiropractic in Brisbane we thought an article on the benefits of dark chocolate would be useful for all the chocolate lovers and realise that you can Indulge once and a while without guilt. 

There is in fact a growing body of credible scienti…

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