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Managing low back pain – targeting the relevant factors

Chronic low back pain (CLBP) has for many decades been treated as a disorder which primarily reflected damage to the tissues (discs, bones, joints, muscles, ligaments etc.) of the lower back. However, it is now clear that what was previously considered tissue “damage” on scans is actually common amo…

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Staying up to date by reading 900 Jounrals


Medical research is producing such a barrage of information that some doctors would need to read 900 different journals a year to stay up to date, a study finds. The analysis by Queensland academics has borne out many doctors' suspicions: that research is now published in so many different jour…

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Counting Calories in Coffee


Counting calories in Coffee     

 Drinking milk seems to be one of the most natural things in the world, being the first thing we actively do as babies. Whilst drinking milk wards off osteoporosis, have you ever considered counting the calories in your two-a-day lattes? While we are not …

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Chiropractic, Cycling and Performance Enhancement

With all the hype surrounding Lance Armstraong of late we thought in this month's edition  of the paper clinic newsletter to write about, chiropractic, cycling and natural sport enhancement.  So we read a few websites and have complied our picks below, we hope you enjoy.


Why is Cycling good f…

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Men's Wallets

Universities in Australia defending the teaching of Alternative Medicine

Friends of Science in Medicine- a recently formed group that includes more than 400 prominent scientists, doctors, academics and consumer advocates from Australia and overseas- wrote to the vice chancellors of Australian universities last month. Thy outlined their concerns about what they called the…

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10 Ways to Stay Young

included annotations that relate directly to chiropractic).

Why are some people youthful long after middle age? Why some 50-year-olds are able to hang out as equals, physically and mentally, with people who are in their 20's and 30's?

It isn't a matter of age denial; it's a technique of age pre…

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Movember, How did it all begin?


The seven network aired a story in the late nineties which featured a group of young men in Adelaide who claimed to have come up with the idea of growing moustaches for charity. The idea “snowballed into a Mophenomenon, with people across Australia joining up”. The news report stated that the Ad…

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Ditch the Equipment



Should Lack Of Exercise Be Considered A Medical Condition?


"You've got a bad case of deconditioning," the doctor says. Actually, it would be the rare doctor who would say that to anyone. And though it might sound like something to do with hair, in fact, deconditioning is a familiar and …

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Neurons and Chiropractic

Neurons and Chiropractic

At City Centre Chiropractic, when we adjust your spine, we are stimulating a whole bunch of your sensory nerves, which in turn sends information to your brain where it determines an appropriate response in restoration and maintain normal joint preprioception - hopefully we …

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Genetic Risks and Prostate Cancer

In May, Australian researchers announced a world-first discovery - a gene that causes breast cancer can also cause prostate cancer. The confirmation of this new risk factor, based on laboratory experiments, will help men determine whether they have a four-time greater risk of developing prostate can…

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Why Walking is Good for You

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates told his patients, “Walking is the best medicine.” In the 18th century Thomas Jefferson pronounced, “Walking is the best possible exercise.”

A century later English historian George Macaulay Trevelyan referred to his own two legs as his doctors. When …

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Strawberry Nutrition

While there are more than 600 varieties of strawberries that differ in flavor, size and texture, one can usually identify a strawberry by its red flesh that has yellow seeds piercing its surface, and the small, regal, green leafy cap and stem that adorn its crown. In addition to strawberries that …

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As we all return to work, I am sure many are feeling the burden of the holidays as they return to desks brimming with paperwork. So we thought we would include a short piece on stress management from a popular email which some of you may be familiar with. The story goes a follows: A lecturer when ex…

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How to have a healthy back at work

 Tilt your head forward and return to a natural position. Facing forward press your ear towards your shoulder then return to a natural

 Remember to get up from your desk at least once every 30 minutes and stretch. A few simple exercises could help offset the effects of the fixed posture we adopt…

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Managing Back Pain With Children

As many of you know looking after babies and small children can be hazardous for the back as all of the bending, lifting and straining places extra tension on the spine. Although, there is little option to avoid these stresses there are ways you can adjust your daily activities to limit their impa…

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10 silly things you do at a doctor’s office

This recent article on CNN is quite valuable for any health provider’s office. Originally, this article was specific to your GPs office however, we at City Centre Chiropractic in Brisbane have adapted it to suit all health providers rooms, perhaps adding to this a number eleven - You should always k…

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