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Scrapbooking Ergonomics: Scrapspace Organization to Save Your Neck

 As the winter progresses, Here at City Centre Chiropractic we notice people tend to spend more time doing indoor activities. When surfing the internet, we came across a rather interesting piece of trivia: in the US, scrapbooking has surpassed golf in popularity as 1 in 5 households has a golfer wh…

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Stretching and Spinal Health

Here a City Centre Chiropractic we maintain that regular exercise is important both for alleviating and preventing back pain. One of the most important types of exercise from the back’s point of view is stretching. Stretching is one of the most enjoyable types of exercise and is particularly benefic…

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What happens if one leg is shorter than the other?


You may have been told by your Chiropractor that one leg is shorter than the other. There are many reasons for differences in leg length, one of the most common being spinal and pelvis misalignment. However, you may be asking why is this significant? Studies have actually found that leg length i…

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Can you please 'squeeze' me in?

City Centre Chiropractic  we have a strong commitment to top-quality patient care. Ensuring every patient receives the best care possible takes considerable effort and time. From the moment you first see your chiropractor in the waiting room, they are thinking, are you sitting or standing? As you en…

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Did you know?

Did you Know?
On every single day of you life....
Your heart beats 104,279 times
Your blood travels 172,00 miles
Your breathe 23,170 times
You inhale 439 cubic feet of air
You speak 6200 words
you move 753 major muscles
You exercise 8 000,00 brain cells
You are amazing, let City Centre Chiropractic hel…

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