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Skeletal System Pathologies: Common Disorders and Conditions


The skeletal system, which includes bones, ligaments, and cartilage, gives structure to the body. The pathologies described below can occur when stress and aging affect the skeletal system.

1. Sciatica Can Result from Disc Herniation

The lumbar spine bears the weight and stress of the b…

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Why Do You Stretch After Sleeping?


Every morning when you wake up, instinct takes over, and you feel compelled to stretch out your body. Why do we do this? Aside from feeling good, it actually does help to wake you up. Stretching works to increase flexibility and range of motion in the muscles and joints. It also improves circu…

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The Growth of your Neural Network




The Growth of your Neural Network

Before birth you created neurons, the brain cells that communicate with each other, at the rate of 15 million per hour! When you emerged into the world, your 100 billion neurons were primed to organize themselves in response to your new environment…

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