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Why is movement important for my body?

Evolving Brains Inspired Movement

Step back a half-billion years ago, to when the first nerve cells developed.
The original need for a nervous system was to coordinate movement, so an
organism could go find food, instead of waiting for the food to come to it.
Jellyfish and sea anemone, the first animals to create nerve cells, had a
tremendous advantage over the sponges that waited brainlessly for dinner to
arrive. After millions of generations of experimentation, nervous systems
evolved some amazing ways of going out to eat. But behind all the myriad
forms of life today, the primary directive remains. Movement. In fact, a
diminished ability to move is a good measure of aging. Inflexibility heralds
death, while a flexible body and fluid mind are the hallmarks of youth.

The father of medicine Hippocrates once told us: "walking is man's best
friend" and while you may not need to exercise to be healthy, you do need to
move.The word exercise generally infers exerting oneself. Movement, on the
other hand, doesn't require exertion. Daily movement massages your organs
which can relieve constipation and help the detoxification process. Sweating
clears  your pores, and helps your skin stay clear. Movement causes a
chemical change stimulating the mood-enhancing centers of your brain,
helping you feel calm and centered also decreasing fatigue. A little daily
movement ignites your body's immune system and healing mechanisms. Your body
has evolved to actually crave movement in order to aid processes like
immunity, digestion, circulation, detoxification, hormone regulation,
pregnancy, and metabolism. 

As daily movement directly encourages your body systems to work as one
cohesive machine, proper functioning of all other systems indirectly
coordinate to function maximally. Your fat-burning becomes inevitable!
The Chiropractors at City Centre Chiropractic can help you achieve your movement goals.

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