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Increasing our Incidental Exercise

Increasing our Incidental Exercise

It can be so hard to find the time to exercise. Incidental exercise is the physical activity we get throughout the day when we move around. The important thing to realise here is that most of the time, you have a choice to move around or not.  Here are some ways to increase the amount of incidental exercise that you perform naturally throughout your day.

-Instead of take the lift or escalator we can walk up or down the stairs

-We can go for a 10 minute walk during our lunchbreak instead of sitting at our desk

-We can get off the bus one stop early and walk a little further to work

- We can take the dogs for an extra walk during the week

-We can leave the remote on top of the TV and get up every time we want to change channels

-We can have a piece of exercise equipment strategically placed in front of our TV & actually use it

- Make cleaning more energetic. House is another        potentially high-intensity activity, if you choose to make it so. Put on your favourite music and put some energy into it! Vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, mopping and washing floors are all excellent ways to get moving and you’ll love the results on your house!

-          For those with double story houses, if you are upstairs always go down stairs to the bathroom and vice versa.

-          Get a 55cm inflatable fit ball and sit on that instead of your standard office chair. Using the ball in this way will improve core strength, posture and balance and it burn more calories, too. (Subject to your workplaces health and safety),

-          If you take you children to the park, use the children equipment as a replace for gym equipment.


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