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Low Back Pain Beliefs

Low Back Pain Beliefs

In 2014, a study by Darlow et al was published in BMJ Open. The study looked at beliefs of back pain in New Zealand citizens above the age of eighteen years of age.

602 valid responses were received. Although not all of them had back pain at that moment (27%, which is still a substantial amount), 87% had experienced it at least once in their lives

34 questions were asked. Some of the significant responses were:

  • 60% think the risk of exercise outweigh the benefit.
  • 69% think they should “take it easy”.
  • 59% think that any pain with activity should be avoided in the future.
  • 35% think the main treatment is bedrest.
  • 94% think lifting without bending their knees is not safe for their back.

Negative views were prevalent, in particular, the need to protect the back to prevent injury.

People with current back pain had more negative overall scores, particularly related to back pain prognosis.

Participants also showed uncertainty about links between pain and injury and appropriate physical activity levels during an episode of back pain.

Respondents had more POSITIVE views about activity if they had consulted a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL about back pain, which illustrates the power of EDUCATION in back pain recovery.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Your BELIEFS can strongly influence your back PAIN and your RECOVERY, both positively and negatively

It is important to remember that MOST people experience back pain at least once in their lives, and MOST people recover just fine

Your back is strong and resilient Treat it that way

Darlow B., Perry M., Stanley J., et al, A cross-sectional survey of attitudes and beliefs about back pain in New Zealand, BMJ Open 2014

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