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Is Eating Paleo Expensive or are you addicted to shoes?

Remember that time you complained about petrol being $1.50 a litre and then you ran over to Starbucks and bought a skinny double half whipped triple hot cup of nonsense at $32 a litre? Do the maths. It's ok.  I do it too.  Cry about paying for something I need and then happily blow money on something stupid.  For example, I'll gladly complain, cuss, spit, snarl and swear while filling up my car…. then promptly waste fuel while hauling myself to the nearest bar to order a top shelf drink, with friends. 

Rico: "It's an additional $7 charge for top shelf. Is that ok?" Me: 'OF COURSE IT’S OK!  WHAT AM I, AN ANIMAL?!!  By the way, do you take credit card?'  Insert smile, hair toss and eye batting.


As it turns out, my favorite pastime is making excuses while creatively fooling myself into believing I can't afford life's necessities.  

Do I really need my teeth cleaned? - What’s another five years?

Does the dog really need food? - That dead possum in the road shouldn't go to waste.  


My second favourite past time is then justifying completely irrational purchases, often with an uncomfortable amount of ease and belief. 

- Yes I need a new pair of levi jeans… Which makes my bum look good? And that confidence makes me a nicer person.

- Yes I need to purchase a new MacBook.  It allows me to sit and write blogs on my couch rather than my desk chair 3 feet away.  This helps my back and helping my back makes me a nicer person. 

- Yes I need to buy a round of drinks for the bar. There's a cute guy sitting next to me and buying a round might lead him to believe I'm a nice person which will actually make me a nicer person. 


Are you at all surprised that my third favorite pastime is complaining about not having any money?

Please tell me I'm not alone in this and that you too rationalize yourself out of ridiculous items, like food, and into more important things like a fourth pair of shoes? WHO CAN DECIDE ON JUST ONE DESIGN??!!!!    I bring this all up because one, throwing myself under the bus might prevent me from buying more shoes and two, the most common complaint I hear from folks trying to live, shop, eat Paleo..... “Eating well is Expensive!”


 I will agree and say if you’re used to  purchasing $0.79 for 2 liters of soft drink, $1.50 bags of chips, $2 Coles frozen dinners and $5 for 20 packages of Maggi 2 minute noodles, buying a single head of organic lettuce for $3 may seem pricey, pricey like your blood pressure meds. However, the cost on the back end and possibly your back end is atrocious. These 'foods' are cheap but so is the nutrition they carry, if you can even call it that.  


I hear you, but I wonder if being healthy is expensive or is being healthy only expensive if being unhealthy is a viable option. 

Whoa, did I just blow your mind or... did that even make sense?

Eating well may have some upfront costs, but ultimately you’re paying for your health…YOUR HEALTH!


The effort may seem pricey but the reality is that it's priceless (again with the mind blowing)? What does it all matter if you don't feel well, you're sick all the time, can't play with your kids or worse, you've taken up real estate six feet under?  Answer:  It doesn't.

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