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Does Distance Running Really Harm You?

 Isn’t it interesting when new data challenges the conventional wisdom. And a truism that is often perpetuated without interrogation is that long distance running, particularly on the road, causes osteoarthritis of the knees, hips and possibly degeneration of the lumbar discs.

But is there any …

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chiropractic and the garden

Given the weather is still so warm and the summer rains are hanging about, it is almost possibly to literally watch the grass grow.  My garden is loving this weather, however it is taking extra effort to keep the lawns under control and the shrubs in check.

Shoulders, necks, low backs and most othe…

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benefits of your adjustment

Patients at City Centre Chiropractic may know the price of their
adjustment but some may never know its worth. 
Because chiropractic treatment stimulates neural pathways there are many
benefits to treatment including:

Relief of pain

Reduction of joint swelling

Relaxation of muscles

Restoration and…

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