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What happens if one leg is shorter than the other?


You may have been told by your Chiropractor that one leg is shorter than the other. There are many reasons for differences in leg length, one of the most common being spinal and pelvis misalignment. However, you may be asking why is this significant? Studies have actually found that leg length inequalities result in about 300 tonnes worth of difference.

A 6mm difference in leg length doubles the risk of back injury and a 12mm difference increase the risk of back injury by 5 times. Furthermore, a study conducted by Dalhousie University found that 6mm of difference is equal to a 6% increase in body weight bearing to the long side on heal strike. When running a heal strike is 5 times the body weight. Therefore a 75kg runner running 15km a week (after a lot of maths) is bearing approximately 300tonnes on his long leg just within his exercise.

Imagine what this is doing to joint like your knees and ankles. To stop these joints degenerating more than they should, have your chiropractor check to see if you have a leg length difference and if so, the cause of the difference.

Chiropractors and Podiatrists are among the most qualified professionals to correct such misalignments. So stop walking around in circles and get your wheel alignment today. Chiropractic treatment is a very effective way of reducing the pressure caused by unequal leg lengths.

Adapted from Your chiropractor newsletter August 2002


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