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How the Hunter-gatherers did it

How the Hunter-gatherers did it


Each of us has a deep history. We are the product of thousands of generations of your species, a species that fore most if its existence has lived precariously. Life for a cavemen or women was generally nasty, brutish and short. To keep in shape they didn’t exercise; they simply did a wide range of different activities that helped ensure that they survived and passed on their genes, eventually, to us. Our bodies and our genes were forged by the demands of the environment in which they lived. Perhaps by looking to the past we can learn how to stay in shape, and ensure that we have a future. Fast Exercise is based on the hunter- gatherer approach.


  1. Do a lot of light background activity such as walking.
  2.  Have hard day’s followed by easy days. You need rest, relaxation and sleep
  3. Include interval training: short intermittent bursts of moderate to high intensity exercise interspersed with rest and recovery, 2-3 times a week
  4. Make sure you do regular sessions of strength and flexibility- building. Hunter-gatherers have to chop wood, climb trees or carry a child around.
  5. 5. Ideally do all exercise outdoors, where you get exposed to sunlight, which gives you skin a chance to generate vitamin D. Although it is called a vitamin, ‘vitamin’ D.


Fast Exercise is for everyone: those who don’t enjoy exercise but want to lost fat and stay healthy, those who love exercise and want to enhance their performance, and those who just want to understand the science behind it all.


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