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Ditch the Equipment

Ditch the Equipment

Many people these days want to swing around a kettle ball, slam a medicine ball and flip tyres for a workout, yet they often can’t do 10 push ups to save themselves. If you cannot control your own body weight, what makes you thin you should ass extra external load?

Take a look at female gymnasts. They are lean strong and fit and all they so is train for their sport, which consists of body weight training. The reason for gymnasts’ physical and performance success is due to the fact that whenever you move you through space there is a great neuromuscular demand. Simply, the body will produce greater strength and lean muscle gains on a pull- up than a lat pull-down. Both are the same movement, but pull-ups require you to move your entire body through space as opposed to just moving your limbs.

Another perk of body weight training is that allows for more natural movement and is, overall, less taxing on the body, resulting in better recovery time towards the goal of greater training frequency.

That’s not to say you should eliminate all typical strength training exercises such as dumbbell presses and rows. But you should definitely add more body weight exercises such as push ups pull ups inverted rows, handstands, front levers and single leg exercises. Women’ as health and fitness May 2012 issue.

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