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Can you please “squeeze” me in?

One thing that City Centre Chiropractic prides ourself on is our commitment to top-quality patient care. Ensuring every patient receives the best care possible takes considerable effort and time. From the moment you first see your chiropractor in the waiting room, they are thinking, are you sitting or standing? As you enter the room they are checking your posture, are you limping? Are you walking easily or are you in pain?

Then comes the questions, while Ailsa asks about your weekend, or  Murray asks  about work, they are making clinical judgements about your care and how your daily activities may be helping or hindering your neurological health.  They are also considering your facial expressions, how you pronounce your words, and structure sentences, all of which tell them about your cranial nerves and  brain function. And all this in the first 60 seconds of your consultation!

As I’m sure you can understand, a lot of thought and training goes into your consultations and for this reason, it is important that your chiropractor has the time they need to do things properly.

Therefore, sometimes, when you ring us to make an appointment, we may not be able to “squeeze” you in. Rosie and Candice understand that your time is precious and scheduling time out for yourself can be difficult, but be assured that we do everything that we can to find you a suitable time. That said, it is not possible to “squeeze” you into an appointment slot that is already taken up by somebody else and maintain our high standards of care. However, in most circumstances we can usually see you within a few hours, and almost always on your preferred day.

If the chiropractor is fully booked we are happy for you to wait in the clinic for an appointment, and the chiropractor will see you as soon as possible. Sometimes patients are running late or forget their appointment, and you could be seen earlier in these circumstances. The alternative solution is to see the other chiropractor. Both Ailsa and Murray  have access to your patient records and if your usual chiropractor is busy you are welcome to see the alternative.

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