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What makes Chiropractic Mainstream?

Recently the New South Wales Chiropractic Association Australia branch president, Joe Ierano was asked this question, here is his response: 

“I have been asked this question with some passionate positions that we are not yet mainstream.


Andrew MacNamara, CEO for Chiropractic Australian Association.  National, helped me answer this question.

  1. Purely by utilisation figures: >250,000 patient visits per week.
  2. Legal duty of care analogous to other mainstream medical professionals
  3. Educational standards equivalent to/in excess of (in areas) medicine
  4. Health insurance and third party payers coverage including limited Medicare

I think it is no longer necessary to even consider nor tolerate the title of 'alternative' medicine or health care”

We thank Joe Ierano for allowing us to include this in our newsletter. 

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